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Our Purpose

An Important Community Asset


A Gathering Place

Te Horo Hall is the only community facility in Te Horo and is likely to become an even more precious resource as the area grows. The hall is regularly hired for community events, family gatherings, parties, celebrations, weddings, funerals, training, fundraising, sports events, and exercise classes.


An Emergency Hub

Importantly the Hall is, in collaboration with WREMO Kapiti, the local Community Emergency Hub. It shares common infrastructure with the neighbouring Te Horo Fire Station including a diesel generator that can fully power the Station and the Hall in an emergency. The Hall is a designated evacuation point for the Te Horo School.


Outdoor Space

The site also provides an attractive open space for outdoor events and has three
tennis courts which are popular almost year-round.


Te Horo Hall was built in 1914 on land donated by seven Te Horo farmers, as a focal point
for the growing community of Te Horo (the piles were built from local totara).
Since then, various alterations and upgrades have occurred.


The Hall is owned by the community (as an incorporated society and registered charity), not Kapiti Coast District Council. It is the only community facility in Te Horo. It is included in the KCDC Schedule of Historic Heritage buildings.

The Te Horo Hall Society came into existence in 1933. A management committee is elected each year at the Annual General Meeting to manage property (the hall and cottage), other assets (such as the tennis courts), and the Society’s bank accounts. 

Te Horo Hall is available for use and hire by the community and others through a bookings
process managed by the Committee. Hire fees are used to fund running and maintenance costs.


Earthquake Strengthening

Te Horo Hall was deemed earthquake-prone in 2019, and strengthening is required by 2034 or it will have to close. After community consultation, the Hall Committee decided (2023) to go ahead with quake strengthening.

The Hall Committee has now selected Crowe Construction and Associates to undertake the necessary earthquake-strengthening work with a ‘set price’ agreed until August 2024. This work is our number one priority. There’s little point in doing anything else without it.  But now that we have a clear budget to work to, we can begin fundraising.  

We also want to put in place a new kitchen layout, and we want to paint the Hall inside and out to be set up ‘for a generation’. If we exceed all expectations with Fundraising, there’s also a desire to turn the unused paddock next to the Hall (owned by KCDC) into improved parking and for better access to the tennis courts.  

Now we need to raise the finance, preferably before the end of June 2024, which is our final date to ‘stay on track’ to have the Hall open again well before Christmas 2024. This will allow a start on work by 1st August 2024.

The Hall Committee has been quietly accumulating funds for several years towards this goal. This has received a real boost in recent times from markets, fundraising events, rental from the Cottage, and higher levels of hall usage. This means the Hall Committee can commit $120,000 toward earthquake strengthening. It’s time now to call on our Community to show their commitment.

L to R: Kerry De La Haye, Diane White, Matthew Ineson. Judy Wood, Grant Robertson, Deidre MacIness,

Andrew Annakin, Sue Brickell, Michelle Papps, Jenny Askwith, Peter Askwith, Avis MacInnes

Committee Members

Andrew Annakin - Chairperson 

021 665089

Jenny Askwith - Deputy Chairperson

Judy Wood - Secretary

Matthew Ineson - Treasurer

Diane White - Minute Secretary

Peter Askwith

Sue Brickell

Kerry De La Haye

Avis MacInnes

Deidre MacInnes

Michelle Papps

Grant Robertson

Important Documents

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