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Online payment for shopping on e-commerce platforms

Payment Instructions

Thank you for your contribution to The Great Te Horo Road Rai$e and ultimately, for your support to save Te Horo Hall.

We have a really simple process via online banking which provides you the assurance that you are paying directly from your bank account to our bank account.

To pay for any Road Rai$e event, or to make a donation, please follow these simple steps:
  • It is vitally important that you enter the correct references. Failure to do so may result in us not being able to match your payment with your event. If it is not clear which Area and event a payment relates to or payments without the correct references, may be divided equally between all roads.

  • Please pay via online (internet) banking into our dedicated fundraising bank account which is:
    Account Name: Te Horo Hall Society Inc.
    Account Number: 03-1532-0001148-004

  • Online payments usually allow you to enter three references. Each of the following fields must be entered correctly when making payment to ensure we can allocate your payment correctly:

Screenshot 2024-02-16 at 09.28.20.png
Examples of Events you may be paying for
Online banking Reference code
A Raffle:
RAFFLE (For multiple tickets please enter the number of tickets e.g. RAFFLE x 4)
A Dance:
Sport Tipping:
A Quiz night in March:
A Dinner Event:
A Lunch Event:
  • Example: Area 4 is having a lunch and Grace Jones is attending. The details that you would enter are:

Screenshot 2024-02-16 at 09.36.28.png
  • Notes:

    • If your event type is not listed, please enter a meaningful word describing the event that you are paying

      for. E.g. ‘Garden Tour’ Please DO NOT simply enter ‘tickets’

    • If you are paying for multiple events, please make separate payments (with different references) for

      each event / payment.


  • Cash and card payments - we prefer direct bank transfer into our online dedicated bank account. We welcome and are very appreciative of donations on our DONATE page.  If you have to pay for Road Rai$e events by cash, please contact your Road Leader who will take payment and issue you a receipt.

Thank you again for your support!

Please contact your Road Leader or email the Hall directly at if you have any questions.

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